The pilot implementation of the Erasmus+ funded open online course “Open Up Entrepreneurship (OpEn)” on digital entrepreneurship is completed.

We would like to thank the attendants of this course and all the active participants in the pilot implementation phase by the submission of comments, remarks, and suggestions for improvement.  Their participation in the pilot phase and the submission of their proposals was really very valuable for further improving & developing the course.

We also announce that the specific course will continue to be available via the special link of the e-learning platform: http://openup.upatras.gr/modules/auth/newuser.php,, and also via  the project’s web-site http://www.openup-project.eu/, and after the end of the pilot implementation phase.

So, those students who have not finalized the attendance of the course can complete it, but also those who are interested to attend it can be registered and now without any time limitation.

Finally, we would like to thank all the project’s partners and colleagues for their creative contribution to the successful finalization of the project and their valuable cooperation.


The pilot implementation of the online course “Open Up Entrepreneurship (OpEn)” on digital entrepreneurship is in the final round, as the deadline is on Thursday 28/09/2017.We would like to thank you for your registration & active participation during this pilot phase. Could we please ask you if you could make every effort to successfully attend at least One Thematic Unit, by answering the relevant quizzes, exercises and filling the evaluation form which is available at the end of each unit.

Please get in touch for any remarks, questions and suggestions for improvement. 

We are at your disposal via the project’s e-learning platform:


and the project’s Facebook page:


Your participation during the pilot phase and your opinions are very valuable for further improving & developing the course!


Νew deadline of the pilot implementation of e-learning course on  digital entrepreneurship 28/09/2017

Open-Source Educational Material has been developed and is available now via an e-learning platform http://openup.upatras.gr/modules/auth/newuser.php, in all 4 languages (english, italian, greek & spanish). The open course, of 32 hours total duration, is divided in the following 3 Thematic Units:
• Business Development
• Personal Development
• Digital Development

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In the framework of the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair, we invite all interested persons to participate in the OpEn project’s Final Forum titled:

“Open up entrepreneurship: A Learning Walk in Digital Entrepreneurship

on Thursday 14 September 2017, 18:00 – 21:00, at the “N. Germanos” Congress Centre, Hall B, TIF HELEXPO, Thessaloniki.

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Open up Entrepreneurship (OpEn) project fills the identified knowledge gap where existing and prospective entrepreneurs seek for business solutions into the digital technologies but lack the necessary skills and capabilities to exploit the vast potential of e-business models in the global market.

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